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About Lazy Tech Guys


From the lowest chasm of the Alexa ranks, LTG has shouldered the burden of providing information and techie satire to a very special readership. The typical LTG reader tends to be an almost insufferably verbal and unbearably thoughtful type, the sort of person whose emotional shortcomings render them unable to face the world. However, LTG helps it readership by sometimes filtering it through a veil of sarcasm and wit but most importantly provides information that actually works.

These spiritual cripples refer to this escapist defense mechanism as a “sense of humor,” and if they were not willing to throw money around with remarkable abandon at all the latest gizmos, gadgets and electronics, we would be utterly useless.

If that describes the average citizen of your kind of community, you now have a chance to join in the irreverent fun of increasing our comment numbers by arguing with lesser minded techies.

However, please keep in mind that LazyTechGuys is not like a newspaper. We do not bow to ignorant and self-righteous notions of fanboys. We don’t knuckle under to pressure from the community unless it is sufficiently profitable. In short, we refuse to be manipulated, and we absolutely refuse to be stupid. There is also an excellent chance our readers harbor intense hatred for us.

If you are of like mind and sensibility and most importantly, if you find that you enjoy reading our blog, we would be most interested in speaking with you and even better, hand us your free stuff.


Radford Castro

Victor Bognot

Radford is the Lead Editor of LTG and covers business, web and mobile apps. He has over 15 years of experience developing web-based apps and software design.  He is a published author under the title “Let Me Play” and also loves to cover video games with a ridiculous game collection to boot. He also loves all things Microsoft.

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Victor is a longtime video editor by day at a cable channel and a master of random topics by night. He is responsible for the many videos that are posted on LTG’s YouTube channel. He also specializes in cinematography, Final Cut Pro. A family man who also loves his comics and nobly trains his kids to learn its universe.

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Sean Wilburn

Tony Hannides

Sean is the podcast producer and editor who has a penchant for music and video games. 15 years round out his  experience specializing in everything that deals with audio production, recording and everything else in between. He’s also a home audio specialist that can make any room sound better.

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Tony is a Mobile Specialist and editor with more than 10 years of experience on anything mobile. He has worked at many of the top mobile carriers in sales, retail and support. Has probably held more phones than the whole staff combined. He has experienced a variety of mobile platforms with a specialization in Android.

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