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Be A Contributor

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Our goal is and has always been to gather people who live and breathe tech that also stretches towards web, video, sound and some gaming mixed in for good measure. If you have a desire for tech, have a solid grasp on the English language, and love to write, it doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. Everyone is welcome to apply for the available positions and be a part our growing corner of the Internet.

Daily News Writers

Currently, we are looking for daily news writers. These writers are expected to make enticing selections from hundreds of news feeds, press releases and other sources and turn them into entertaining and thoughtful banter while translating that overzealous tone often seen in tech feeds. At least one post per day Mon-Fri is expected.

If you have a job or go to school on weekends but want to be part of the LTG writers team, you can do so.

Weekend Writers

Weekend writers are expected to write at least one post per day on both Saturday and Sunday. Writing during weekdays is encouraged but not required.

Positions are on a voluntary basis. However, dedicated individuals will start receiving review kits sooner rather than later, are able to participate in putting together interviews, attend events with shiny press passes, and enjoy other such benefits.

To do so, send us the following information about yourself by using the contact form below: