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3D Holographic Phones and Air Powered Laptops: Predictions from IBM

Sean W. Dec 27, 2010 2

Mobile Phone Hologram

In the year 2015, IBM researchers predict that users will be able to see holograms from mobile phones.  This prediction came from an annual internal survey from IBM.  A group of 3,000 researchers participated in this survey.

Mobile holographic images was the most popular prediction this year.  Several other predictions that came from the survey were kinetic powered watches, improved car traffic prediction software and improved heat utilization from computer data centers.  Before any investment into IBM is made, understand these predictions are considered far fetched by investment firms and doesn’t mean IBM is currently making any of these technologies.

Other predictions are batteries that recharge with air, giving us 10 times the battery life from what we currently get from lithium-ion.  This could give us much more life from the laptops we use.

Watches that can be charged by shaking were also predicted to become widespread by the researchers, though the technology is available today.  These watches would be powered by extremely low power, so watch batteries would be a thing of the past, and a little kinetic force would keep us updated on the time, while making our wrists look good.  Lastly, they predict heat and energy from data centers would be recycled and used to heat homes and offices.  This will allow better use of available energy.

A prior prediction made in 2007 were that mobile phones would be used as wallet, ticket broker, bank and shopping assistant, which is all done today with smart phones.  Another prediction made in 2006 was that instantaneous speech translation would be standard, which hasn’t quite happened, but seems to be still approaching.

We could very well be years away from calling up our friends, asking for help and telling Obi-Wan that he’s our only hope.

{From Bloomberg}