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AirMech Is The Game Herzog Zwei Lovers Have Been Waiting For

Sean W. Aug 26, 2012 0

AirMech is a free-to-play action real-time strategy game with that is very reminiscent of the cult Genesis game from Technosoft, Herzog Zwei.  It is being developed by Carbon Games, a small independent game studio in Bellevue, Washington.

In Airmech, you play as a transport / battle plane that can transform in to a mech.  You will fly all around the map scouting the land and deploying troops around. When in plane mode, you can only attack in the air. Your other mode is a walking Mech which which is ground mode and allow you to jump right into a ground battle and take out enemy units. You have a limited amount of traveling around the map and energy which you can not let deplete or your plane will explode. Your energy and fuel can be refilled by hovering over any of your bases.

The purpose of the game is to build an army using factories and take out the enemy base. There are multiple sub-bases along on the map between the your base an the opposition base that can be captured. These bases become new factories to build and deploy vehicles and troops.  Building vehicles and troops requires money which is made by creating these pumping-style generates and placing them near the bases.

The army you build will consist of different types of land vehicles.  There are a variety of tanks, jeeps, motorcycles, turrets and more that you’ll create.  After a unit or several units are ready, you pick up the units and transport them to different places on the map.  You can pick them up and move them at any time, give them commands like attack enemy base, capture enemy base, defend area, and more. The infantry soldiers are used to capture neutral and enemy bases which is a key to conquest in AirMech. 30 units are available for creation but only 8 can be brought in to a match and different loadouts can be saved for different maps.

AirMech has the major advantage over Herzog Zwei because it has multiplier.  The game has 1×1,2×2, and 3×3 multiplier modes and the more players, the faster and more exciting the game becomes.  This game is available on Steam for $20 with some upgrades but the game is free-to-play.  The free-to-play versions can be found on Carbon Game’s website and in Google’s Chrome store.  Android and iOS versions are in the works and the studio is looking to possibly move this game to consoles.  The PC .exe version is currently in testing.

Here is some gameplay footage and shots of the game’s assets.

AirMech M-11 Striker

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AirMech M-11 Striker