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Andrew’s Day One At E3 2012

Andrew Lee Jun 6, 2012 0

After my interesting and hectic experience of E3 during press day, I mentally prepared myself as best as possible for the real first official day for E3.  While during press day, the E3 floor was empty even though I couldn’t prove it since we weren’t allowed to take pictures while inside the expo floor.  If I could describe how busy it was, if anyone saw the photos we shot during the end of the Ubisoft conference, it was very much like that but multiplied by ten.  There was a lot of people, but a lot of things to check out and enjoy.

The sheer loudness was certainly taking its toll but I believe that the excitement about being intimately close to video games is what kept me moving forward.  While NOS drinks and booth babes kept me awake and focused, I think what really did it for me was the fact that I would get the opportunity that few would get the chance to do; see the Elder Scrolls MMO in person.  That in itself was interesting because I was sure that I wasn’t the only one who had questions about how and what Bethesda would do to create this MMO that fans are used to seeing from a singleplayer perspective.  The experience was enlightening because I also got to see gameplay for Dishonored as well.  But alas, I didn’t get to have hands-on with either title since by then, I was running late with a tight schedule.

While this wasn’t anything like the GDC 2012 which I had attended previously this year, it was pretty crazy considering that there was a lot of places and lots of lines for some of the things that were available for attendees.  I can only hope that there is enough time to experience all that E3 has in store before the week is up.