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Battlefield 3 ‘Premium Members’ Exempt From BF4 Beta

Andrew Lee Jul 26, 2012 1

EA has once again riled up or confuse fans for the moment in their latest announcement for the Battlefield franchise. This instance pertains to a twitter post that states that the Battlefield 4 Beta would only be available to consumers who pre-ordered Medal Of Honor: Warfighter.  However, consumers who purchased the latest EA DLC bundle “Battlefield 3 Premium”, would not get access to the Battlefield 4 Beta.  According to a screen capture, EA was asked if premium members would have access to the BF4 Beta.  This was their response:

“Currently, the only way to guarantee access to the beta is to preorder Medal of Honor Warfighter.”

While this statement certainly isn’t written in stone, what is certain is fans that have been loyal to the Battlefield brand for years will will no doubt feel like they’ve been shafted.  It is possible that EA wanted to give beta access to BF3 Premium members at the last minute however, with the scars still fresh between EA and its Mass Effect 3 fanbase, EA will need to show appreciation for Battlefield fans that chipped in cash for their loyalty to a brand.  This is even more of a reason if they want to continue going head to head with the Call of Duty franchise as the game can have pretty eye candy but won’t matter if it doesn’t have the fanbase behind it.

While it is argumentative to say that BF3 Premium is a waste of money, the consumers who saw the value of $49.99 should put their two cents in and tell Electronic Arts exactly how they feel about not getting their “Premium” access to the Battlefield 4 Beta.  Its certainly easy to see that with the introduction of Premium for Battlefield 3 last month that the consumer is supposed to have exclusive content which includes its DLC expansions. While Battlefield 4 isn’t part of that bundle, who’s to say that it shouldn’t be included? According to an article by IGN, EA confirmed that 800k plus consumers have upgraded to Battlefield 3 “Premium”.

While it is not clear on what EA will do next, the fans still hold the real power.  Whether or you’re a BF3 Premimum Member or not, what do you think about the whole debacle?  By giving BF3 Premium members access, do you think it’ll hurt sales for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter?


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