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CES: iRobot’s AVA is the Futuristic Robot CEO We’ve All Been Waiting For

Sean W. Jan 6, 2011 0

iRobot AVA

I don’t think Will Smith will have to worry about this iRobot.  It’s called AVA and it is an iPad controlled robot, similar to what has been shown in countless movies. It is made by iRobot, the makers of the Roomba, the small robot vacuum, and Scooba, the small robot mop.

AVA is a highly maneuverable robot, making internal 3D maps of it’s surroundings.  With a touch of a finger, a user can point to a location on a map and it will travel there, avoiding objects and going around walls.

It uses a depth sensing camera, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.  The AVA, like Kinect, uses PrimeSense sensors along with different types of scanning methods for checking its surroundings.

AVA has been designed for teleconference use.  A CEO can stay in his office, send one of these robots to the meeting and a video would be viewable.  This way, they can be at a couple places at the same time.

No time or price was given, but I’m sure a couple CEOs are pulling out their company credit cards right now for one of these.

Check out the video here

{From PC Mag}