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Commentary: Mr. Cook, You Are Right But……

Sean W. May 1, 2012 0


Tim Cook

Tim Cook made a statement that was meant to show how Apple is performing against Microsoft when it comes to converting users to their platform.  The statement, given at the most recent earnings call, was that roughly half of the Macs sold in Apple Stores are sold to customers who has never owned a Mac before.

The statement is true by all means, but it gives the impression that the Apple store is performing in this task so well that other retail outlet should look and learn.  The reality it that this statement doesn’t give other retail outlets like Best Buy, Amazon, etc the credit for how they performed selling Macs to non-Mac owners.  According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, there’s more to this story.

Mac Computer Buyers - outlet and prior computer

According to the chart, where the Apple store is converting 48% of PC owners to Mac owners, the other outlets are more like 75% conversion.  How about we give a round of applause to all these other folks selling Macs everyone, they’re performing excellently.

The truth here is that statistics can be turned, twisted and changed to look bad or good. Mr. Cook, rightfully so, made it a point to show the strength of his companies’ retail outlet and the overall strength of his company.  That’s his job.  Other can see that Amazon and Best Buy are selling Macs better than Apple can.  The article being sourced makes the claim this is because Apple customers like to buy at Apple Stores, and everyone else will buy where ever the computers are available.  All these statements are true and can be derived from a single small graph.

As I read the graph, the only conclusion I can make from it is that the Mac platform is in demand and people who have never had one are buying them.  Apple is successfully expanding their market of OS X computers.

So Mr. Cook, you are right in what you said but there’s a little bit more to it.

Via »Fortune