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E3 2012: LTG Sean Day Two Impressions

Sean W. Jun 7, 2012 0

Undead DragonOn our second day on the floor, we had scheduled meetings with SOE, Square Enix and Gaikai. Our first stop on Wednesday was Sony Online Entertainment where Radford and I got a chance to see BulletRun and Planetside 2.  Rad got an interview lead designer of BulletRun then proceeded to play the game, and loved every minute of it.  Throughout the gameplay, both him and I laughed constantly because the game is blast to play. It’s free-to-play and you can be sure there will be at least two LTGs who will be playing that game a lot.  We then were invited to a private theater where we saw a full description of Planetside 2 and afterwards, I got a chance to check out the game.  Planetside 2 is another excellent free-to-play FPS that I got my hands on.  I managed to take down quite a few people but crashed 3 jets. My favorite vehicle in the game quickly became the Marauder tank which can strafe sideways.

Rad had left to head to the Square Enix booth where, I found out later, he got a chance play Sleeping Dogs. I’m still jealous over that.  Then I made my way to the Nintendo booth to see if I can get my hands on a Wii U controller.  I first checked out the point-of-view demos which were pretty cool.  There was this Marti Gras video that had you in the middle of the street during a celebration and you could look around 360 degrees. The other was a view from a camera mounted on the wing of a glider and you could look down at the world and the ducks that were flying along side it.

I made it over to Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 which was on demo at the Nintendo booth with a full dance floor. The Wii U version has some pretty cool features that allows the non-dancer to use the gamepad and screw with the dancers. Pretty interesting and very fun, but I didn’t dance.  Made it across the way to the Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition for the Wii U stations and though the gamepad controller worked fine, it seemed to be more of a chore to use effectively when compared to the regular controller but the game is not ready for release so this can be adjusted to work better.  I made it around from the Nintendo booth to find CTA’s inflatable car which made me smile. Checked out the new Persona 4 Arena fighting game before I officially entered out Sony’s booth.

Sony’s booth was really busy but the place was littered with tons of PS3s, PS Vitas and a four 4-player arcade cabinets all running Playstation Allstars: Battle Royal.  On the side were PS Move demos of Sorcery and Dust 514.  All the demos had long lines but the God of War demo had the longest wait.  After getting a feel for the land, I became hungy and met up with Radford and Andrew for lunch.

After lunch I worked my way to Microsoft to see what was happening over there.  I check Forza Horizon which, in a nutshell, is a combination of Forza 4, Need For Speed and Burnout Paradise.  The game was super fun and I’m looking forward to checking it out more. After that I wandered around the booth checking out the Smart Glass tech which was getting a bit of attention, but no where as much attention as Halo 4 was getting.  The line was always long and it reminded me of trying to get onto a ride at Disneyland.  I then turned my attention to the full size Halo Warthog that is sitting in the middle of the floor.  Just looking at it made me want to go joy riding in it.  Finally I checked out the Kinect row of products of Dance Central 4, Kinect Fable, Wreckateer and The Avengers: Battle For Earth.

I ran back to Sly Cooper and got my hands on a machine right as a Gamespot live feed came filming my screen.  Not playing the any of the Sly games before, I was not familiar with the controls and die repeatedly while the Gamespot feed recorded all my failures.  I received help from a guy who just happened to be the character animator for Sly Cooper, Travis Howe of Sanzaru Games.  After making it to the end, Travis was nice enough to do an on-the-spot interview that will be up on LTG shortly.  Thanks Travis!

I proceeded to the media lounge to back up all the footage I was capturing, met up with Rad and we headed over to our meeting with Gaikai where they explain their new partnership with Samsung.  Rad and I were very impressed with what the company is doing and we both feel that it will change gaming big time. After that we finished off the day in South Hall where Rad and Tim Tebow demolished the Me and Roethlisberger in Madden 13.  I finally made it back to the RockFuse: Band Legends where I attempted to play an Incubus song and a Rick Springfield song.  I did terrible at both but I’m a bass player so I use that excuse to make myself feel better.

After meeting with the head honcho and PR of Realta Entertainment, the company behind BandFuse, I met up with Rad who just started playing Dragonball Z Kinect.  After some laughs and some F1 distractions, we met up with Andrew right as the E3 doors were closing for the day and left the building for the day.  This day was awesome and tomorrow, I’m going back for Resident Evil 6, Rad shooting for God of War: Acention and Andrew has his eyes on Metal of Honor: Warfighter. One more day of gamer heaven left.

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