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E3 2012: LTG Sean Last Day Impressions

Sean W. Jun 10, 2012 0

E3 2012 Sony Booth

For the last day, Andrew, Rad and I had decided to make a game plan on how to tackle the last day. For the most part, we had most of the day cleared just for the purpose of hitting particular games.  Andrew had his site set on Medal of Honor: WarFighter, Rad was heading to God of War: Accession and I was going to hit Resident Evil 6.

We hit the Convention Center just after the opening of the door, attempting to the there early to beat most of the rush to those games.  Rad succeeded. Andrew succeeded. I did not. I do not want to be rude to the press members who were in front of me in line so I will not say where they were from or describe anything about them.  But they took too damn long on the demo.  I would call them a demo-hog.  There were four stations set across from each other. Each had it’s own line so getting the right line is literally a luck of the draw.  The two individuals in front of me look to be working together and when I got there, person one asked person two if they wanted to try the game and they said no.  The other lines had 3 people in each of them so this is my best bet, so I thought.  The person on the machine check out every second of the demo, every corner, ran back when they could, and took an unbelievable amount of time going through this level. It’s easy to tell that even the game developers didn’t intend for this level to be played for this long.

After person A get’s off, person B suddenly grabs the controller and plays a level.  The cutscenes were not skippable and there were a lot of them, and this person doesn’t hit the run button once in the entire demo.  This person was also constantly looking over their shoulder toward person B who was trying to pump the Microsoft representative for information surrounding the game.  Person B stalled as long as needed for Person A to nearly complete a full interview, while I was still waiting in line to play, three people have gathered behind me, and all the other lines have emptied out and filled back up.  The Microsoft employee knew what was going on and looked at me with a look of empathy as he just waited for this person to finish the demo.  I was frustrated and fuming by this point, but I used the time to capture some footage of the game.

When I finally got on the machine, I picked the level that no one else was playing , the “Jake” level.  This is the level that is based around Resident Evil 3 gameplay.  A huge monster will be constantly chasing you, Jake, and Ashley Birkin from Resident Evil 6.  It’s the hardest part of the demo but at that point, I wanted some action and I got it.  The level was thrilling, but short for me because it’s the hardest one.  The Microsoft rep said I could play another round for my wait but I declined.  Besides the others behind me waiting like I had, what little I played told me everything I wanted to know.

After leaving the machine, I ran over to Rad who, with the help of a awesome guy from Joystiq, got into the private press area where he got a chance to play God of War: Ascension.  When I got there, we were playing on the Dead of Alive 5 station, so we went toe-to-toe.  It was great and I got my revenge for the beating he gave me in Madden 13 the prior day.  I like that game, I think I might be a natural at it.

We split up and I got a chance to check out Dust 514, an open world fist person shooter that is coming out for the PS3. It takes place in the universe of the Y’s series of games and is going to be free-to-play.  I also had an opportunity to interview Dust 514’s game designer Eino Joas about that game which I will get up on our site for all of you to listen to.

I met up with Rad at the Nintendo booth where he just checked out some games.  He went back to press area and I checked out Scribblenauts on Wii U, New Super Mario Brothers Wii U and filmed some more Batman footage.  After that, I left Nintendo to meet up with the guys in the press room.  We unload our data on our computers, grab a late bite to eat and headed back to the Sony booth to the upstairs area to check out some more games and that’s were we bumped into When Vikings Attack and the game’s creator Andrew Newton. This game had Rad and I rolling. It is a comical PSN game that a group of people can have fun with while hanging out.  We then got a chance to check out Playstation All-stars: Battle Royal and speak to a member of their team as well.

We left Sony’s booth to hit our 4 o’clock appointment with 2K games to check out Borderlands 2.  After a wait in line, we eventually got into the room to check out the game.  This game was fun as Rad and I played co-op together, without knowing we were ironically, and were nearly completely the task at hand but just failed.  Time flew by while we were playing this game, it was a blast.  After we left there, it was time to head home, right after a quick stop at the F1 2012 booth to drive just a little too fast for our own good.  We meet up with Andrew and the three of us, tired and sore, were done.  My friends and I walked out of E3 for the last time in 2012 ready to head home.