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E3 2012: LTG Sean’s Day One Impressions

Sean W. Jun 6, 2012 0

Tekken Tag 2 Lamborghini

Tuesday was the first full day of E3 and the day the convention floor opened.  Finally, E3 was at our disposable.

E3 is spread out all over the convention center.  They have a south hall which holds most of the booths of third party gaming companies and a west hall which is where the big three publishers are located including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.  The two hall are connected by the concourse which also has gaming stations for people to check out.  This includes some bigger names like Crytek but mostly smaller indie games.

We immediately headed to South Hall as Andrew had a meeting with Bethesda for Elder Scrolls Online.  It seemed like a good place to start coverage as we are already there.  As we entered, we take a few seconds to take in the scene.  Big booths all around, each looking completely independent of each other.  Lots of colors, huge posters that are 10 feet tall, large mechs that users can sit in, huge exhibits of game characters and a hell of a lot of noise.  The noise floor in the building rivals the levels of an Airplane engine.  Countless videos games playing loudly, huge screens playing trailers with the volumes cranked to 11, thousands of people in the area all talking and DJ’s spinning music at booths at the volume found at most dance clubs.  I say it again, it is very loud in that building.

The first stop was a free-to-play real time strategy game called End of Nations.  We checked it out and recorded some video footage before Rad and I ended up over by BandFuse: Band Legends.  It is a cool guitar rhythm game that uses real guitars.  Unfortunately , the booth was really busy so we wandered around looking to see more of the show floor hoping to come back to it.  We then checked out Transformers:War For Cybertron where Radford got to play as Optimus Prime and we captured some footage of Grimlock gameplay. Afterwards, we ended up at the Sega booth because of the huge Sonic figure that stood about 10 feet tall.  In the same area, trailers for Aliens: Colonial Marines were playing and next to that, a very big Alien.  After taking pictures of it, we met up with Andrew who was hanging out with the Colonial Marines costume players, we organized our game-plan and I checked out the rest of the floor.

My first major solo stop was the Square Enix booth where I found some great action figures.  They had a variety of excellent looking figures including Street Fighter, Batman, Halo, Uncharted, God of War and more.  Afterwards, I checked out the Hitman: Absolution Demo which was playable on both the PS3 and the 360.  I left the Square Enix booth distracted by Namco’s Tekken booth which was filled with Tekken Tag 2, a DJ playing club music, two very sweet looking cars with epic designs on them and booth babes that are easy on the eyes.

Dragonball Kinect was the next game I tripped into.  I couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the game, the controls and how to “Kame hame ha” your opponent. The game looked pretty fun and it brought a smile on my face, even though it still was a Kinect game that I know many gamers do not like.

After Dragonball, I met with Radford and Andrew in the press lounge and we headed offsite to a local Starbucks for Rad’s meeting with First Post Studio.  After the meeting, we proceeded to head back to the hotel to get rest after a very tiring day.  The first real E3 day was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get back the next day.

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