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Resident Evil 6 Impressions

Sean W. Jun 13, 2012 2


Resident Evil 6

Capcom had Resident Evil 6 playable at Microsoft’s E3 booth and provided three different levels to try out.  Each of the levels is one of the three story lines that will be in the final game.  There is Chris Redfield’s level in China, Leon S. Kennedy’s level in the U.S. and the new guy Jake’s level which will take place in a cold snowy environment.  Each level had it’s own style that are to be representative in the final product and so far, I like what they were presenting.

Chris Redfield’s level was more action packed.  Chris was making his way through China in the same way he made it through Africa in RE5.  There was a lot of action and enemies to shoot including flying enemies with the human body hanging upside down from the bottom.  Enemies would come out from around corners to take them out but Chris was armed with an assault rifle so this makes these enemies simple to deal with.  It was a very action packed level that was heavily reminiscent of Resident Evil 5.

Leon S. Kennedy’s level was much more slower paced, or will start with a slower pace and ramp up.  His level has him in a building similar to the Police Station in RE2 and Mansion in RE5 Gold Edition.  It was a dark, slow paced level that looked to use tension similar to the first games in the series.  Leon was making his way through the building finding survivors which all ended up dying right in front of him eventually. Leon will encounter traditional zombies in his campaign but Capcom showed more action focused scenes starring Leon at the Microsoft press conference.

Jake Muller is the new character who is a descendant of Albert Wesker and his demo level was the hardest as it pretty much was a boss fight.  Jake and Sherry Birkin are running away from a large creature similar to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.  The creature is fast, big, and has a huge grappling hook on his right harm.  He likes to charge at you and grapple you and can pretty much take you down in one or two hits.  As a demo, this was the hardest to play but I liked it them most, very heart pounding.

The three demos shown at E3 presented a difference in game styles between the three.  The AI partner in all of them seemed not to get in the way so hopefully there’s an improvement like that in the final game.  Each level is said to be 8 hours each so the game is expected to be long and co-op will be drop in / drop out throughout the campaign.  I cant wait to try out more of the game with Capcom’s upcoming demo that will come at some point later this year before release.