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EA DICE announces details for Medal of Honor: Warfighter at Game Developers Conference

Andrew Lee Mar 7, 2012 0

The Medal of Honor 2010 reboot brought the modern and present day conflict in Afghanistan continues that story with the announcement and reveal of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, slotted for a October 23rd release. The reveal was during a press presentation at the 2012 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco which they also happened to release details on new DLC content for Battlefield 3.  As with details prior to the reveal, Danger Close Executive Producer Greg Goodrich would be also involved with Warfighter and revealed at GDC that every mission has a tie to a real life event.  This is even more clarified as the trailer suggests that it may be related or even based on a real-life rescue of aid workers taken hostage in Isabela City, Basilan in the Phillipines.

Unlike the 2010 Medal of Honor, the direction of Warfighter will not solely focus on American Tier 1 Operators as is also suggested in the trailer.  British Special Air Service (SAS) and German Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK), and Polish GROM commandos among others will be featured and more than likely will have their own unique characters to draw the player into the their boots.  As far as authenticity goes, Greg Goodrich happened to have a on-stage “interview” with American special forces operatives identified as Kevin and Tyler who gave their insight and input of their experiences which lead to the direction for the 2010 Medal of Honor reboot. Tyler is now working on Warfighter full-time as an associate producer, verifying that the weapons and kit are authentic and directing motion capture sessions.

Now as far as how this ties into the previous Medal of Honor, the story now focuses on “Preacher”, the American Tier 1 Operator who was rescued at the very end of the prequel.  From what I read so far, it seems like they want to focus more not on just only the experience of the operator abroad but the experience at home as he tries to reintegrate into normal society and with his family from years of combat deployments.

Even though the prequel was based on fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban, the game’s multiplayer was notorious in the beginning for allowing players to play as the Taliban,which was changed to OPFOR or Opposing Force due to serious outrage from the DOD and the families of the enlisted.  With Warfighter, they have gone the route where the action will be “blue on blue”, as players will be pitted against each other as different Special Operation Forces.  On the plus side as well, Warfighter will include DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine which has a large success due to the 12 million Battlefield 3 players, so we can expect the graphics to be a large improvement of the previous MOH as seen on the trailer.  Even though people have their feelings about the last MOH and its seemingly frustrating multiplayer, I will more than likely plan on picking this up since its really hard for me to pass up on military shooters.

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