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IK Multimedia’s iKlip; iPad Mic Stand Holder

Sean W. Dec 28, 2010 5

IK Multimedia, makers of software instrument Sampletank and guitar effects simulator Amplitube, have released the iKlip.  The iKlip is a accessory that allows you to hang an iPad from a mic stand.   It has an adjustable angle and looks like an Alien facehugger……….pretty cool.

It sells for about $40.   It is the companion accessory for their program Amplitube, which is a guitar amp simulator.  With Amplitube and this adaptor, a player can plug their axe into the iPad with the iRig, run the output to a P.A. system, crank the volume and tons of effects will be at your, well, fingertips.


  • Universal Clip to attach to any mic stand
  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Can be mounted vertical or horizontal
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

This Could Be You!

{Via IK Multimedia}