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Jesse Jackson Jr. Blames Steve Jobs and iPad for Thousands of Jobs

Victor B. Apr 18, 2011 3

Its Tax Day! If you’re bummed out by having to do your taxes here’s a nice video showing what it’s going towards!

Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. goes on a rant, stating that congress needs to do something about the high percentage of unemployment.  To bring his point across, he says that the iPad, which he owns, is going to be responsible for many jobs lost in the book industry, such as book stores, libraries and paper manufacturing.  Check out the video, its as crazy as it sounds.  But somehow I think he could have been more convincing with a Keynote presentation.

VIA Gizmodo, Business Insider, Real Clear Politics

  • Sean Wilburn

    Great, Jesse Jackson had an offspring that has the same intelligence as he does. Another 40+ years of this preaching b.s. constantly being considered the voice of blacks.

    Ok, rant over.

  • Chance Vought

    the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

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