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Killzone 3’s Intro Cinematic Reveals Visari’s Deception (Spoilers)

Sean W. May 21, 2012 8

Killzone Visari

The beginning cinematic to Killzone 3 was epic as many of their intro scenes are. This one, though, revealed some truths about the events that happened at the end of Killzone 2 and how the overarching story is much larger than what it seems.

The reason I am doing this article is two-fold. One, with E3 arriving here in a few weeks, there could be a possible Killzone 4 announcement and, two, providing an answer to Rad as well as potentially others. When he played single player game he asked me, “do you think there is going to be a number 4?”  I said,”absolutely, and that this informationwas revealed right at the beginning of Killzone 3, not the end.”   Everything explained here will need to be taken as a rumor as there’s no proof of any of these theories until Killzone 4 is announced.  There are some spoilers in this article. So, if you’re someone who hasn’t beaten the single player and cares about the story, well, then you have been warned.

Playing the End of Killzone 2 has the protagonist Sev and Rico confronting the beloved Helghast leader Visari after a absolutely hellish battle with General Radec and a whole bunch of soldiers with bazookas, flame-throwers, knives and machine guns.  After antagonizing the soldiers for a while, Rico kills Visari in cold blood.  This assassination, along with being blamed for the nuclear bombing the Helghast city of Pappus, fires up the Helghast fleets to smash the ISA forces.  I propose, that this entire event was meant to happen, and that Scolar Visari is alive and well, and returns to the planet at the end of Killzone 3.  Most of this information was revealed at the beginning of Killzone 3 rather than the end, and one only has to watch just about 30 seconds of cutscene footage to see it.

Here is the beginning cutscene of Killzone 3:  The actual video footage starts at 1:14, a time that explains how the Helghast have already provoked the ISA into a war at this point.  The cutscene starts through the eyes of Scolar Visari (or who we believe to be Visari) being escorted by his generals.  He is informed by Stahl, the weapons contractor, that General Radec’s “package” is ready and walks away.  As he is walking away, Stahl stares right at Visari with a look on his face as if he knows something that the people around him do not know.  Visari proceeds to enter his room where he is greeted by his daughter.  His daughter shows a look of disgust when she touches his hand, a sign that tells us we are are viewing the world from someone who is not Visari, but a fake – a double.   A man’s daughter would be able to tell something is wrong, especially when that someone had an emperor status like Visari.

As the speech begins, the camera shows Stahl and Radec standing and saluting a Helghast soldier near a ship marked with the ISA symbol on the side.  As the ship takes off, Radec kills the soldier, leaving no living witnesses observing the the departure of the “package”.  That “package” is likely to be Visari.  The key is this entire cutscene takes place before the ending events of Killzone 2.  This is probably happening right as the ISA have breached the building and are about to encounter Radec, but just after Visari stole the Nuke from the ISA forces and dropped it on his own city to provoke war.  As the ship flies away, Radec never takes his eyes off of it, suggesting that  the “package” is very important to him, like his beloved and adored leader Visari.

In the epilogue of Killzone 3, at about 9:45 in this video, a couple of soldiers searched the rubble looking for something.   They found the craft and proceeded to open the door.  The camera stays focused on the soldiers as they greet the passenger with “Welcome home Sir”.  This is most likely Visari in the pod, returning to the planet safely after the ISA made the planet conditions unsafe when they nuked them with that big bomb at the end of Killzone 3.   There is the possibility that this could be Stahl but with the information given at the beginning of the game, it seems more likely that Visari was in that pod.

With these simple clues, it seems as if Rico did not kill Visari after all, despite his best intentions.  The “Visari” we know at the end of Killzone 2 provoked them verbally while not actually laying a finger on them but he did get in front of their face often.   These subtle clues may possibly lead to Killzone 4 which, if we’re lucky, will get announced at E3.  My prediction of the story is that the nuke forced the planet’s remaining forces to leave the Helghan planet and regroup at one of the ISA’s home planets.  And with the martyred leader safely “packaged” to make a heroic return, I suspect he’ll be back to save his Empire and lead the charge on the ISA at their home, which is where the next game will possibly take place.

These are just my guesses but there can be many theories to this game. On the surface is a shooter, but underneath has a bigger story hidden in plain sight.  What do you think?