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LTG@CES: Day 2 – Kegs, 50-Cent, Tablets, Golf Carts and Jesus Loves Gaming

Radford C. Jan 9, 2011 0

It was time to hit the booths on this day, cover the CNET finalists and see the rest of the CES (if it was possible). We changed gears from covering the Super Sessions – where we see the seasoned industry vets – to covering the actual goods. Live blogging was tough, especially when you’re trying to depend on a wireless network where thousands of other users were probably slamming the nodes constantly. We really didn’t have a plan on the 2nd day. We mostly wanted to look for the lesser known little guys and work our way up to the more well-known companies with flashier big signs.

Here was some 3D cameras that were priced right for the consumer. Little did we realize that there were many other competitors out there doing the same thing on the other booths but today we at least got a chance to scratch the surface of what’s to come the next following day. We did get a chance to play with these cameras and even did a hands-on demo. They even allowed us to slip in our own SDHC card to take the feed directly from the camera. A little pointless considering that we need 3D equipment to view the stuff on.

We checked out Nvidia’s booth and of course, they were all about 3D. Notice the blurry images.

One the highlights of Day 2: Nvidia’s Kegputer. NVIDIA also worked with Audi to develop a complete multimedia engine called Vibrante that serves as the media backbone of Audi vehicles. The Vibrante multimedia engine allows Audi passengers to watch DVDs; listen to music from an iPod, CD, SD card or USB memory stick; and enjoy online video content.

But what was really cool is seeing Google Earth Integrated into the Audi GPS unit along with 3D navigation, detailed terrain models and even 3D landmarks.

Here’s Victor trying to get a piece of the action on the CNET production area. We got a chance to check out some of the CNET’s finalists during the live broadcast. Afterwards, we were trying to mostly find our way to the floor to the other companies like Canon and Sony and after checking out the map. There was quite a bit walking  just to get to the desired booths and even then, the equipment we were carrying wasn’t helping. I wish I had a pedometer just to see how many estimated miles we walked when we jumped from building to building.

We’ve also found out that shuttles weren’t the only means of transportation to get somewhere.

Now, if only we had our own cart to drive around.

Yes. We could’ve walked to the next building but we wanted to stay true to our namesake.  As soon as we were got off our golf carts we were treated to one of the biggest flatscreens we have ever seen in our lifetime. That huge screen is actually all LCD.

However, there is another LCD that’s out there that we’ve seen at 152″ produced by Panasonic but we were so enamored by it that we didn’t take a picture of it. Yes. We suck for being lazy.

After doing a few interviews and booth tours, we decided to call it a lunch and got our lunch-in-a-box which was comprised of a decent sized sandwhich, oreos, chips, an apple and the best treat ever – Reese’s minis. Can’t beat that. Just glad the CES feeds their press.

After lunch we caught a glimpse of 50-cent with 1 bodyguard that looked like Ice Cube’s brother and 19 other bodyguards who somehow didn’t see me as much of a threat considering how close I made this shot with my 20mm. 

But do you know what’s cooler than 50-cent? Lenses! And tons of them.

But do  you know what’s even cooler than 50-cent and tons of lenses? Super big-ass lenses! Yes sir. The ones you see below are 800mm, 600mm, and 400mm respectively. Even if you sold your car, you still might not be able to afford this. Ridiculous.

But what could possibly top 50-cent and a ton of super lenses? That’s right. Jesus and games.

Honestly, I was actually intrigued by this so I actually visited the site. Very interesting. For the most part, Day 2 was mostly a hop and a skip from booth to booth. We got a chance to play with a couple of tablets – most of which were android based but we were anxious to see the final result on some of these products. In particular, we had the privilege to try out the E-locity, Augen Latte and Blackberry Playbook tablets. This particular day was a lot easier to consume than the previous day.

It still feels like an overload of tech but in the end, we were looking forward to Day 3 – Games and 3D magic.

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