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LTG@CES Day 3 – 3D Mania, Gokey, Killzone 3, Green Hornet and Lemonade

Radford C. Jan 10, 2011 0

Day 3 at CES was the day we dragged our feet to the doors. With only two of us traversing the heat and stress of  trying to consume all the information and electronics, we were ready to get back on the saddle – yet it was still overwhelming. Even at the third day, the ominous size of the conference left us exhausted before we even stepped in to do more coverage but alas we got a chance to at least enjoy our day with some games, cool looking 3D cameras from Sony, rode in the Green Hornet’s armored Black Beauty and finished off with lemonate.

Normal clock on subway

It was also my wife’s birthday today while we were able to go out and enjoy some Hot and Juicy Crawfish – good stuff. Watch Man vs. Food to know what I’m talking about.

Hot And Juicy Crawfish Bag

American Idol’s Danny Gokey became the lackey for Sony as he played to the few women who were surrounded by all the geeks playing MLB The Show or KillZone 3 (including me).

MLB The Show 2011

All in all, Day 3 was done and we’re just glad we took these pics to at least have something to show for. Next time we come back, we will be armed with a staff of writers. I promise you.

CES 2011 Day 3 Gallery