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MacWorld 2011 – Evening Press Reception

Radford C. Jan 27, 2011 0
Macworld 2011 Media Evening Reception Sign

While mostly an introduction between the press and the sponsors of the event, the media evening reception was more like an intimate party between fellow techies.  It was definitely a much more consumable experience compared to our previous outing (CES).  All of the products that were demonstrated were actually against the wall in a small conference room that could hold up to 80 to 150 people at most.  But what was really nice about this particular meet was the simplicity of going back to basics – the interaction between two people. It’s a refreshing feel of being able to hear each other as opposed to fighting crowd noises.  And the food? How about figs and carmalized onion puffs, szechuan beef kabob and the mini beef burger? Each played a tune for lesser hungry stomachs and even the most diverse taste buds had something to munch on. As usual, I hogged most of the burgers and kabobs with a few crispy veggies to satisfy my healthy conscience.

Techies can't live with apps alone

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Aside from mobile apps and other types of productive software for your conventional desktops, there was actually some hardware to see.  Among them were cellphone extenders, compact printers and bluetooth-connected speakers. It gave LTG another opportunity to open the lanes for some review kits on lesser known products. It was mostly a friendly affair with both Mac and PCs blogging together in harmony in the same room. The limited bottle service also assisted in the friendly atmosphere until it was cancelled out by the some of the most jarring and incompatible playlist heard to date – Nora Jones’ jazzy tones right into the hard metal of All That Remains which then eased right into Snoop’s Beautiful. Go figure. Suits and Ties quickly turned to see that I was the only person headbanging to the metal song “This Calling” but with food in hand, I stealthfully bit into my beef kabob pretending to nod at the its taste while simultaneously enjoying my song.

Getting right to it, the products that stood out among the wall walkers were the wireless extenders which guarantee perfect cellphone reception, a fast solid state drive that can beat the loading times of a higher trim Macbook Pro, and an entertaining photo app by MotionPortrait that stretches your photo into an animated head-shaped 3D model of a zombie or Avatar Character. There’s even a hurl button to hurl acid as a zombie. Cool stuff.

Productivity Software from WebIS

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Demo of WebIS’ Pocket Informant for iPhone/iPod

Demo of MotionPortrait’s Photo Zombie-fier app

OWC’s Solid State Drive makes weaker Macbook Pro beat its higher trim cousin