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Macworld 2011 – The Blue Yeti Pro is Set to Stalk Our Recording Setups

Sean W. Jan 31, 2011 1

Yeti Pro

The podcast and recording worlds now has a new monster of microphone to experience.  This mic is the Yeti Pro, the new USB & XLR mic from Blue Microphones.

The Yeti Pro is the bigger brother of the Yeti, a similar USB microphone released late 2009 with excellent praise.  The Yeti is actually THX certified, being the first microphone to ever achieve that certification.

Rear of Mic – Mic Gain and Pattern Selector

The Yeti Pro is essentially the same microphone but with a couple very welcome additions.  First off, the Yeti Pro has an XLR connection along side the USB connection. This XLR connection allows the Yeti Pro to be used in professional recording situations as well as maintaining the simple connections for direct computer recording.

XLR connection on the bottom, next to a USB port.

The Yeti Pro also can record into a computer at a higher sample rate and bit rate than the Yeti.  Where the original Yeti is CD quality at 16 bit/48khz, the Yeti Pro is 24bit/192khz.  This makes the Yeti Pro a more flexible microphone overall.

Four switchable polar patterns are available for use, and these are Cardioid, Omni-directional, figure-8 and stereo.  On the back of the mic is a control to switch the pattern.  Above the pattern switch is a gain control for the microphone which sets the microphone recording level.  The front of the mic has a mute switch for the microphone as well as a master volume.  The XLR and USB connections are on the bottom of the mic, next to an 1/8″ headphone output.  Also, a regular 3/8 mic stand adaptor is built into the bottom of the mic.

The Yeti Pro combines a great sound with practicability, being a truly dual purpose microphone.  It has a street price $250, and comes with the stand, a 10 foot USB cable and 1 foot stereo-Y XLR cable.   It’s OSX core audio and Windows XP plug and play compliant, and compatible with Vista and Windows 7 with a driver install.


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