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New inFamous 2 Cutscene and Screens for You to Feast Your Eyes Upon

Sean W. Feb 2, 2011 1

Sucker Punch Studios have released a new cutscene and screen shots from their upcoming game inFamous 2.  This is a rescue scene where the protagonist Cole is saving a NSA agent named Kuo.  Towards the end, saving the NSA agent seems to have caused a bigger problem for Cole to deal with.

A new character name Nix is shown in the screenshots.  She is a friend of Cole who seems to want him to “loosen up.”

According to Sucker Punch, there will be many times in the story where Cole will have to decide to follow either Kuo or Nix, setting the good/bad element in the game.

"Look Out!"


  • Radford Castro

    Alot of good exclusives coming out for PS3 this year. It's ridiculous.