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PS3 Resident Evil 6 Anthology Bundle Is A No-Brainer For R.E. Fans

Sean W. Jul 9, 2012 1

Resident Evil 6 Anthology

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil 6 fast approaching, Capcom has unveiled their box sets.  While the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are both getting similar types of bundles, the PS3 Resident Evil bundle is the one to get for classic Resident Evil fans.

The PS3 bundle is called the Anthology and it features all the primary Resident Evil games.  This list includes Resident Evil Directors Cut, RE2, RE3 Nemesis, RE4 HD, RE5 Gold Edition and RE6. The Xbox version is called Archives and it comes with Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, RE 4 HD, RE Code Veronica X, Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Degeneration (A feature film).  Both bundles cost the same at $90 and can be pre-ordered.

Myself being a Resident Evil fan, I’ve owned every last one of these games including Code Veronica.  The purchase of all these games were over a span of years and on multiple platforms.  Even though the 360 bundle is good, the PS3 version contains all the games allowing a player like myself to re-collect all the games in a  good package for not too unreasonable of a cost.  The games sell for $60 normally, so the the collection of RE games from 1-5 are really costing $30.  Pricing out each of the digital version of these games costs a total of $71 for PS3 users making this is a great deal.

Resident Evil 6 is scheduled for release in October and the Xbox 360 demo is currently live for those who purchased Dragon’s Dogma while the PS3 “early demo” version should be out in the next month or so.  The demo goes live to the general public in September for everyone to check out.