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Reason Rack Extensions Will Be The Key To The Platform’s Success

Sean W. Jul 5, 2012 0

Reason Rack Extension

Reason Rack Extensions is a new feature that expands the power of the very popular program in a new way.  Essentially, Rack Extensions opens up Reason to third party plug-in developers while maintaining all the features of working in the program

Reason 6 added the ability to record audio directly into the program which was a major addition and one the most sought after features.  Just adding this feature has made the Reason 6 upgrade the highest selling upgrade for the company, Propellerhead, to date.  The latest 6.5 update, which is free for version 6 owners, adds the new Rack Extension feature.  Along with this new feature, the company has also released a new store to make access to these plug-ins a much easier and pleasant process.

Rack Extensions will allow third party companies to create any audio plug-in and have it work and behave just like any other unit within Reason.  Working inside Reason includes the ability to see the back of the virtual equipment to change the routing.  Most importantly, it allows different creative people who make excellent instruments to potentially make them available to the many Reason users in the world.  Being it’s own format, Propellerhead representative has claimed the stability of these Rack Extension will far exceed the VST format, which is heavily fragmented. If a Rack Extension crashes, then it will not crash your whole Reason project.

The Rack Extensions have already been well reviewed and Propellerhead has already named multiple developers who are working on Rack Extension.  The company has announced that well known brands like Korg and up-and-coming developers like GForce Software among others as developing Rack Extensions.  Propellerhead has also created some products to sell their new store including Polar, a dual pitch shifter, and the Radical Piano, both of which are created with the new development tools.

The new store will also be a full robust store that Propellerhead is hosting.  All the Rack Extensions will be available from the store creating a one-stop-shop for consumers.  Propellerhead wanted to make the process easier for third-party developers and having this unified store will help substantially.  A developer doesn’t need to worry about copy protection or paying for the packaging of goods, both of which will save developers money.  Most importantly, it will keep Reason users engaged with the product for a longer period of time between large updates.  More engaged customers spend more money.

By adding a new revenue stream and opening up the platform, Reason can only become bigger from this moment.  The program has already proven itself by countless artist of all genres and giving creative people more tools to create with is not a bad thing.  Third party developers will give the program new sounds and effects that the creators of Reason probably haven’t thought to create.  All in all, this new Rack Extension is a brilliant move from Propellerhead, one that can only solidify the success of the platform.