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Scribblenauts Unlimited Impressions

Sean W. Jun 8, 2012 0

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts is a very fun award winning game for the Nintendo DS and it’s being expanded into Scribblenauts Unlimited.  I had an opportunity to check out the game at this years E3 which was playable on the Wii U.

For those unfamiliar with Scribblenauts, the game uses words that can be type in and nearly effect everything within the game world in a fun way.  The development team has pretty much gone through the entire dictionary, word to word, and programed it into the game.  What we end up with is a fun, extremely unique and creative adventure game for all ages.

In the game, you play as Maxwell and you are going around the world helping people out in very comical ways.  That’s one of the big differences in Unlimited when compared to the original Scribblenauts, a complete world map.  In the original game, the areas were separated and they could be access through menus, now, the different areas are connected and Maxwell can run from one side of the world and to the other and come back around back where he started.  The complete world map is still available for jumping to a particular section.

In the demo, the game worked similar to the other Scribblenauts.  Maxwell can help other characters complete tasks like cutting down trees or reaching a kite .  The fun in the game is how you do that.  Essentially, you can type in any word and the game will create the object or effect an object it in the world.  For example, for the kid who left his kite in tree, you can create build a ladder to grab it, create a jet pack and fly up there or make yourself weightless and float up there to get it.  One person needed to have a fire put out in the demo and the the simple answer like water always works, but a fire extinguisher can be created as well as anything that will put out a fire.

The game has a lot of subtle comedy throughout.  In the demo, the Lumberjack needs to cut down a tree while another hippie character is saying to preserve it.  You have the opportunity to help either, but I chose to help the Lumberjack, as he said he needs to feed his family.  I could have given him an axe, but instead gave him a chainsaw where he cut up the tree promptly……..and the get’s rid of the hippie. Later in the demo, I created a monkey for some reason, and the lumber jack and monkey started to fight.  The lumberjack still was has he still has the chainsaw in his hand so he won.

There are characters with stars over their heads that are more like “story” missions vs the other characters you’ll encounter which are more like “side” missions.  The “story” missions are multi tiered requiring you to perform a group of tasks to complete.  The demo had me helping a boycott earn his merit badge through a collection of simple trials like putting out a fire, carving a large figure and shooting a target.

Scribblenauts Unlimited is keeping the core gameplay of the hit Scribblenauts while expanding the world and the platforms it is available on.  It’s coming out for the Wii U, the Nintendo DS and the PC and they are expecting the have it available this holiday season.