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Statistics From Bump Developer: 90% iOS Users Are on the Latest Version

Victor B. Jan 18, 2011 3

MG Siegler of TechCrunch has a great post on the discrepancy between users running the latest version of iOS versus the chances of Android users running the latest OS. The bottom line for Android users? Not even 1 percent. He points to a Quora thread where the CEO and cofounder of the popular app Bump, David Lieb gives us a statistical sample of what iOS version Bump users are on.

Citing the dates between January 7th and January 10, 2011, for iOS users, Lieb states 89.73% are on the latest version (4.X).  Almost 90%! Maybe something could be said about the tethering of the iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes, and that it ensures the user knows that a newer version is available, if they don’t pay attention to all the news coverage when a new version comes out.

It is well documented about the fragmentation of Android and the variety of versions on each phone.  And for each phone, the news when an upgrade is coming has more twists and turns than a WWE storyline.  Siegler uses the numbers from the Android Developers page outlining the platform versions that access the Android Market in 2 weeks ending January 4th, 2011.  Even if you take the previous version of Android (2.2 Froyo) which has been out longer than iOS 4, the percentage of users on 2.2 is less than 52%.  The .04% for 2.3 is not a fair comparison yet (or is it?) because it has not been out very long and is only available on one phone – the Nexus S.

Siegler goes on to blame the carriers and the phone manufacturers for the reason of the fragmentation, and holding back newer versions to sell new phones.

Personally, having the original (ancient) Motorola Droid, the new features in Android 2.3 are not as substantial as 2.2, which added Flash support to the browser, so I’m going to keep convincing myself that everything is fine and dandy.

Yeah I'm still on Froyo, big whoop wanna fight about it?