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Commentary: Steve Wozniak Says The Worst Gadget He Bought is the HTC Thunderbolt

Victor B. Aug 21, 2012 0

htc thunderbolt

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and known gadget lover chimed in on a Gizmodo Chatroom question for “What’s the Worst Gadget You Actually Paid For?”  Woz’s answer:

“HTC Thunderbolt. Or early Iridium phone. I bought that phone to have access anywhere but had it nowhere I ever was (indoors). After a prank (sent voice message to one Iridium number from another after seeing the formula in country code 88, and sent a voice message in the reverse direction too) it was the only gadget ever that I actually sent back.”

As a current owner of an HTC Thunderbolt I would tend to agree. After seeing the 4GLTE phone at CES 2011 and the marketing push that Verizon was willing to put behind it, you would think that this was a phone that both Verizon and HTC would be completely behind.  I have experienced inconsistent signal strength, frequent data signal drops and even the updates that address problems such as the WiFi hotspot still do not completely solve the problem.  It almost makes a customer feel that HTC  has a “you already bought it, you’re stuck with it” attitude.  To their credit, I know that battery life is not the greatest, at least they made multiple batteries an option.

With the promise of Ice Cream Sandwich coming soon, hopefully the signal bugs will be squashed, but with many Thunderbolt owners coming up on the 2 year upgrade cycle, if you had a similar experience would you still go with another HTC phone?

Via »Android Central