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THQ Lied About Writer of HomeFront Video Game

Sean W. Jul 9, 2012 2

THQ Homefront

Homefront was a game that built up great hype before it’s lackluster release. Turns out one of the biggest selling points of the game was a lie as the Hollywood writer credited for writing the script of the Homefront Video Game did not write any of the script.

The hype of Homefront was built upon two different elements, an interesting premise of Korea invading the United States and that John Milius, known for his writing on Red Dawn, wrote the script for the game.  Turns out that, while the first element listed has not happened, the second element listed is just about an outright lie.  According to Kotaku, the end game credits state that Milius wrote the script.

Most of the real writing credit should be given to C.J. Kershner.  According to former employees (the studio was dissolved near after the launch of the game), not one of the “over 20,000 lines of dialog” in the game were written by Milius even though the game atmosphere mirrors that of a Red Dawn type of game.  The basis of the story came from Danny Bilson, an ex-Hollywood screenwriter and ex-THQ employee who came up with the invasion premise.

In response to this accusation, THQ clarified that Milius’s role was a consultant and was absolutely involved in the dialog.  Hello, THQ, the end credits of your game say otherwise.

The game ultimately failed on expectations but has succeeded in gaining enough sales to bolster a sequel.  No information has been given on the follow up or if THQ will claim George Lucas is writing the next script, which would also be a bad idea.  How do you feel being lied to about who’s making the games being sold to you? Also, what about the real writers of these stories who are not getting credit for their work?

Via »Kotaku