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Top 7 Useful Facebook Apps

Radford C. Nov 21, 2010 0

If you’re not into farming in Farmville or drug dealing with moguls in Mafia Wars, here are 7 apps that might make you and your Facebook profile a little more productive.

While we could easily add the standard apps that were created by Facebook such as Marketplace, Notes, etc. we went ahead and picked the top 7 from 3rd parties.

1. TripAdvisor – A very smart and simple application that is very popular on Facebook. Use TripAdvisor for Facebook to display a map of all the places you’ve visited, how often you visited that place and whether you can recommend anything on that location.

2. urFooz – One of the most underrated apps out there for Facebook and many other social networks. It can pretty much do it all after you’ve created an Avatar through its web interface. A “portable profile” as developers say,that acts as a central hub to control and manage your blog, images, and other social based info under a single site. What makes urFooz very powerful is not its centralized Avatar system but how you access them. urFooz is accessible from most Internet-ready consumer electronic devices that even reach to TV and smartphones.

3. uTorrent WebUI – We all know what uTorrent can do but what if you wanted to recommend a torrent to someone? or download a file for that friend directly to to HIS drive? It’s pretty nuts. uTorrent WebUI will ask for an IP address a username and password and voila, your in the mix and ready to download a torrent directly to the dude’s computer. Pretty disgustingly cool. This is especially useful if the file you’re looking for is scarce and few people are seeding it.

4. iLike Concerts – This app add events to your Page or profile with the best concert listings on Facebook. Major or favored shows are listed automatically, saving you time. Your friends can say “I’m going ” a.k.a. “I wanna go but can you pay for me”. However, iLike may expose your guilty pleasure of some of today’s most despised artists if only 4 out your 500 friends want to check out Justin Bieber.

5. vChatterA Lazy Tech favorite – Tired of typing? Install VChatter on your profile and start chatting Skype-style with your Facebook friends.

6. NetworkedBlogs – While there are a ton of apps that deal with RSS feeds, this particular Facebook app takes it to another level a couple of notches. You can bring your blog on Facebook and/or get Facebook data show up on your blog. It even supports multiple blogs, RSS and ATOM feeds, and fan/business pages. The best way to do this is to import your feed and build fans through the Facebook community.

7. My Restaurants – Unless there is an overwhelming number of comments, My wife and I have been burned by a couple of restaurants because we trusted a couple of strangers on Yelp. Enter ‘My Restaurants’ – a Facebook app that relies on your friends and family on Facebook instead of relying on “ZOMG dis is hella good” comments on Yelp.