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Warface Gameplay ‘PAX Prime 2012 Trailer’

Andrew Lee Aug 31, 2012 0

Image courtesy of Crytek GmbH

With the start of PAX Prime, Crytek releases a whole new trailer with some gameplay for their free to play game Warface. The trailer gives a little back drop of the events that are going on in this near future setting for Warface. Upon seeing this, I remember having a conversation with Michael Krach, one of the producers for Warface, about what kind of story that this game was going to have. Our conversation like a few of the exclusive videos on YouTube that I have seen went in the same direction as far as Michael disclosing that Warface wasn’t going to be story driven but would have enough story to keep the game sticking together like glue.

In comparison to what I experienced at GDC 2012 and what the trailer is showcasing, Blackwood is the evil organization that you’re going to be pitted against in Warface. This was somewhat established several trailers before, but with this latest trailer, we get a brief narration of just how bad they are. In addition to those details, we ¬†also get a glimpse of the fast paced gameplay that people had the opportunity to try recently at Gamescom and PAX Prime. But it doesn’t end there, as some of the possible areas you might be fighting in are also showcased in the trailer. Even though its not stated that these are either PvE or PvP maps, many people are more importantly wondering when this seemingly exciting adrenaline packed game is going to be available for Closed Beta during the Fall.

All good things come to those who wait.