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5 Very Impressive YouTube Videos Based On Games

Radford C. Mar 8, 2011 1

Yes. Because finding 10 professional looking YouTube videos was alot harder to find than I thought  (at least the ones based on video games).  After YouTube/Google got into the TV production game, I started checking out the offerings from Next New Networks. Personally, there was nothing more than what I’ve already seen in current TV. I’ve combed and lost many hours of my life trying to find good entertaining content on YouTube only to be rickrolled and disappointed most of the time. If it’s not another viral video, it’s someone vlogging about the viral video while pulling in millions of views…all in auto-tune. Although I do admit that it’s hard not to laugh at some of the stuff out there, I always believed that there are some talented producers out there that want nothing else but to produce real good content. If you’re tired from all the gags, chicks in bikinis talking politics and people recording their Call of Duty matches with voiceovers, here are 5 refreshing high-quality short films that made their way into YouTube. I wish I could find more of these but I can understand the effort and time spent in producing this kind of content. If Next New Networks wants really take off, they need to start with these directors/producers of the following videos below.

Time Crisis

First we’ll start out with an old favorite – Time Crisis. Produced by Team FreddieW, Andy Whitfield of Spartacus fame jumps in with the talented YouTube group to produce this short where they run through random warehouses, alleyways and baddies. The ending pays a tribute to veteran Time Crisis gamers who like to play the game the rapid fire way.

Killzone Extraction

Here is a fan made short based on the Killzone franchise. A small squad of ISA is simply trying to get to the extraction point but meets some opposition on the way. Filled with lots of pyrotechnics, realistic 3D models of dropships, fighters and more.

Real Life Mario Kart

Produced by the same guys behind the Time Crisis short. Making use of realistic 3D Models, transparency effects and other cool stuff. Very entertaining.

Beyond Black Mesa

Here’s a fan made movie based on the Half-Life franchise. Produced by InfectiousDesigner, Beyond Black Mesa documents remaining survivors of City 17 as they try to thwart the Combine. Along with the special effects and sound effects that will resonate with Half-Life gamers, Beyond Black Mesa even throws in some nice fight choreography. Good stuff.

Escape from City 17 (Part 1)

If anything, the quality of these shorts show a love for this franchise. Here is another fan made short based on the Half Life franchise. The beginning of the video is very impressive and shows off a ton of effects and paying homage to the source material complete with costumes and familiar sounds from the game itself. The faithful reproductions of the Combine gunships, hunters and striders are convincing and draw you into the experience. Unfortunately, the film ends right in the thick of battle and you’re left wanting more. Here’s hoping PurchaseBrothers will continue working on the film.