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9 Really Interesting Looking Games For Xbox 360 And Windows Phone

Radford C. Aug 24, 2012 0

Microsoft listed 40 finalists in its latest Dream Build Play competition, featuring standout titles developed for Windows Phone and Xbox 360. The competition pits top developer talent to work under said platforms to compete for prizes that include cash and a possible publishing contract.

The games entered were judged on qualities like innovation, production quality, and fun factor, and all of the entries were narrowed down to 40 entries, with 20 on each system. The final prize-winning games will be announced in a few weeks from now in early September. Submissions began in May 15th of this year and ended in mid June, this included uploading gameplay video.

With finalists now down to the wire, we decided to pick from the final 40 and came up with an LTG 9. We have been going through the videos and, just based on the video gameplay we’ve been watching, we hand picked the games from both XBox 360 and Windows Phone and listed them here. Obviously, we haven’t played most of these games, except for Brutal Chase, but the list below are the games that gave us a good impression. In any case,  looking at the list of competitors and their projects, it seems like we’ll be seeing these titles reach gamers at some point, with or without Microsoft’s involvement.

XBox 360

Dead Pixels by CantStrafeRight

Bleed by Ian C

Imagine Earth by Serious Brothers

One Finger Death Punch by Silver Dollar Games


Wyv and Keep by 


Windows Phone

Brutal Chase 3D  (which is already downloadable – and fun) by Mutant Bear Games

Pixel Blocked! by Daniel Truong

Sidekick: End of Days by Bitkingo

Valgards Fate by 

Via »Dream.Build.Play