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A Very Lucky Fan Befriends a Major Leaguer Over Twitter

Victor B. May 2, 2012 2

Recently, especially this year we have been hearing of much controversy that begins when a high profile athlete says something on Twitter.  Now, we have a more heartwarming story that stems from an athlete’s tweet.  Jeremy Guthrie, a pitcher on the Colorado Rockies is one of many athletes with a Twitter account. Recently, on an off day, he needed someone to play catch with, so he turns to Twitter where he has 34,000 followers.  He tweets: “Anybody on lunch break & up for a catch with me?”

Almost immediately he gets a response from a Woody Roseland: “My man! I’m downtown and have my glove. lets do this!!”

Woody tells Guthrie that he can be there in 15 minutes, and when he arrives to Coors Field, Guthrie finds Roseland to be a cancer amputee with a prosthetic leg who just got some really good news from his chemotherapy nurse on the same day.  After more than two years on chemotherapy, his nurse says: “You’re good. We don’t need to see you anymore.”

So on what would probably be the best day of his life, this Denver-based stand up comic not only received word he doesn’t have to go through chemo anymore, but he got to take batting practice and play catch with a Major Leaguer and probably made his day in return.