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Apple WWDC Announcements: 10 Features of OS X Lion

Sean W. Jun 6, 2011 1

apple Logo

Apple today held their World Wide Developers Conference, WWDC.  Steve Jobs, though he’s on sick leave from Apple, came on stage in his black shirt and blue jeans to discuss OS X Lion, iCloud and iOS 5 features.

They opened up the conference with New OS X Lion. Lion features 300 features (got to love Apple Math).  Notable features are:

1. Multi-touch Gestures throughout OS

Multi-touch control is integrated throughout Lion.

2. Full Screen Application

Full screen is coming to Macs.  With a swipe of the hand, the full screen app can switch to the desktop and other programs.

3. Mission Control

A birds eye view of all the features, multiple desktops, programs and more are available quickly with a swipe of the touch pad.

4. Mac App Store New Features

The Mac app store is built into Lion.  Along with being built in, it also features in-app purchases, push notifications to alert users of updates, sandboxing for security and delta updates for faster updating.

5. LaunchPad

Allows a gesture to instantly access applications and giving control similar to iOS devices.

6. Resume

The whole system remembers the exact settings, applications and windows when restarting the computer.

7. Auto Save

Lion will save documents in the background and older documents can be retrieved at any time.

8. Versions

Lion is automatically keep multiple versions of documents on the computer that can be accessed at any time.

9. AirDrop

Peer-To-Peer file exchanging in person.

10. Upgraded Mail Application

The Mail application has been updated with a new look, search features and a conversation view.

Lion will sell for $29 on the Mac App store and will be available in July.