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The V-Collection 3.0 Turns Your Computer Into The Ultimate Analog Music Machine

Sean W. Aug 1, 2012 0


Arturia’s V-Collection 3.0 might just be the greatest deal for analog loving computer musicians everywhere.

The V-Collection 3.0 contains 10 musical software instruments that the company still sells independently.  It includes the Mini V (Minimoog), Modular V (Moog Modular, CS-80V, ARP2600 V, Wurlizer V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, Jupiter 8-V, Oberheim SEM, Spark Vintage and the Analog Laboratory.  Each of these instruments are the full versions, not “light” in any way.  Each of these plug-ins run on both OS X and Windows, support the AU, VST and RTAS, and will work in a standalone mode.

The three new additions to the pack is the Spark Vintage analog drum system, the Analog Laboratory and the Wuritzer V. The Wuritzer V is a recreation of the Wurlizer Electric pianos that are famous in classic soul and rock n’ roll songs.  The Spark Vintage is a collection of classic drum machines including the TR-808, LinnDrum, TR-909, Yamaha RX5, SP-12 and more.  The Analog Laboratory is a collection of all the analog synths redesigned into another uniform interface. A collection of the patches from each of the instruments are available for use and each will have all the individual features that make the instruments unique.

Each of the individual plug-ins usually sell for about $130 each for boxed copies and $99 each for the digital copy.  The boxed copy of the V-Collection 3.0 sells for $450 and the download version sells for $400.