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Beyond: Two Souls E3 Trailer From Heavy Rain Developers Starring Ellen Page

Sean W. Jun 8, 2012 0


Here is the trailer from for Beyond: Two Souls form the developers of the hit Playstation exclusive Heavy Rain.  David Cage came out on stage at Sony’s E3 press conference to show his new game is about and that the lead actor in the film is the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated Ellen Page.

David Cage explained Beyond: Two Souls is about death and what happens when a person dies.  Don’t think this game will be a depressing drama as in the trailer, there is a lot of action and mystery.

The trailer starts off with the main character in a police station sitting quietly but uneasy with an officer trying to ask her questions.  She is non responsive until he sees a scar and tries to touch it.  A supernatural even happen, the officer leaves the room then SWAT bursts in the Police Station to take her.  They door is opened as a group of SWAT members are pointing their rifles at the room.  The screen then goes blank. Next is a montage of action scenes including her riding a motorcycle running away from a helicopter, gas stations blowing up, entire clocks towers crumbling and more.

The game is expecting to ship early next year.