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BioShock Infinite early gameplay video

Radford C. May 23, 2011 1
Bioshock Enemy Throws Horse

Yes. He did throw the horse.

In just a few years, the BioShock series has established Irrational Games (IG) a reputation as one of the most creative game studios in the industry. In the following video, IG is slowly revealing some of the cool innovations in its next major game, BioShock Infinite. Today, the company revealed more details about the game, which features the ability to swing on a rollercoaster in the sky and fire at enemies below. This game’s aim is to innovative both in its storytelling and technology. And if the game is anything like its previous brethren it is going to be one of the titles that will push the game industry toward high art.

While the character in BioShock was nameless, the new game takes the player of a real character, Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton detective agency employee who was too rough for the Pinkertons. He is hired to rescue a girl named Elizabeth, who has been locked Rapunzel-like in a tower in Columbia since she was five years old. Both have powers of telekinesis.

In BioShock, you show up as a player after things fell apart. With Infinite, we wanted to give you the feeling of being in a city that is tearing itself apart, and you are one of the reasons that is happening.” – Ken Levine, Bioshock Infinite Game Designer

While BioShock is a lonely experience, this game has dialogue and companionship. She can be like a narrator for the story. The good thing, Levine says, is that Elizabeth can take care of herself and at no time does DeWitt have to hold himself back from combat in order to protect Elizabeth.

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