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BlackBerry PlayBook Scrapbook” App Demo (video)

Radford C. Feb 15, 2011 2

Demo of Blackberry Scrapbook App

No. I am not going to make a post for every single Blackberry Playbook app. Personally, I would rather put everything out in one shot. Besides, the last one was a game and this one is an actual app – one I actually think is impressive considering some of the other similar photo album-style apps I’ve seen on the iPad and Galaxy Tab.   The Astonishing Tribe (TAT), RIM’s recent acquisition for hoping to make some pretty user interfaces, actually put out their take on a Scrapbook app at the Mobile World Congress 2011. In the short amount of time since joining RIM, they’ve already built a variety of apps demonstrating the performance of the BlackBerry PlayBook platform. Among the those apps stood the scrapbook” app, which demonstrates advanced four-finger multi-touch controls and rich graphics in the video.

Like Need For Speed Underground, the scrapbook” application is another prime example of  BlackBerry developers making their own PlayBook applications with the native BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK. It will be interesting to see what RIM and friends will do next.

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