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Bloodforge Gameplay Impressions GDC 2012

Radford C. Mar 6, 2012 1

BloodForge Screenshot

The upcoming XBLA game from Climax has been getting attention on the GDC floors at Microsoft’s Lobby Bar. When visiting the website for Bloodforge all we got was “a brutal combat system, stunning art style, and a deeply compelling story” which does very little to explain exactly what a Bloodforge is.

We’ve seen the brief teaser trailer and screenshots back in October:

But that didn’t mean much either. However, we did get some footage of the playable demo and boy is it bloody. The artwork and color schemes remind me somewhat of MadWorld with more than enough color to avoid the stencil look of the Wii action game. The demo leaves you wanting more as you slice legs, stab torsos, chop necks and mercilessly leave no single appendage attached as your enemies cover the snowy grounds with a satin of blood.

After having a couple of rounds with the game, the combos were easy but deep enough to push a variety of ways in dismembering any nearby enemies. The animations are brutal and violent to say the least but I could not figure out if there are different stances, blocking abilities or launchers (which it seems to have) . I still don’t know what’s going on story-wise but at the time, it did not matter. And why not? Just take a look at this exclusive footage:

Bloodforge is due for release Mid april, developed by Climax Studios. This game is crazy.