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Canon Announces the DSLR EOS-1D X – For Extreme?

Victor B. Oct 18, 2011 1

Canon EOS-1DxThe ultimate DSLR (at least within reach for a lot of professionals and prosumers) has been updated: Canon announced the EOS-1DX, successor to the EOS-1D Marks III and an MSRP of $6800.  It sports a full-frame 18mp CMOS sensor and the ability to shoot stills at 12 fps.  Of course, it does HD video in different frame rates: 1080 in 24p, 25p, or 30p, also 720p at 50p or 60p.  The bigger enhancement that I hope gets to the 5D and 7D revisions is longer record times.  From personal experience shooting video with a DSLR, it is difficult to shoot a long event such as a performance or wedding longer than 12 minutes, because the camera would stop automatically, due to the 4gb FAT32 limit.  The EOS-1DX can shoot continuously for 29 minutes and 59 seconds(!) getting around the 4gb FAT32 limit by spanning the video over multiple files, with no dropped frames in between.  Other welcome enhancements is the ability to manually adjust audio levels, which is a testament to how much Canon is listening to this new audience (DSLR videographers) that they have helped to cultivate.  The price of this unit may put it out of reach for many aspiring or even current photographers, but the reason these added features are news is because hopefully these enhancements make it to the prosumer or even consumer level models-I’m looking foward to the inevitable EOS-5D MK III!  The EOS-1DX should be dropping March 2012.

Check out Canon’s official press release here!

  • Radford Castro

    Interesting. This whole time I thought it was because of the memory card itself. I remember upgrading to a higher class memory because my limit was just a few minutes. However, I never actually recorded for more than 12 minutes. Does this also apply to the T3i and T2i? Both can shoot video as well.