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Classic Hip-Hop: Let Me Ride (NSFW)

Sean W. Apr 29, 2012 0

Dr Dre The Chronic

Today’s Classic Hip-Hop track was inspired by Bill Withers as I was listening to his hit Still Bill album that was released in 1972, in particular the song Kissing My Love. The drum part at the beginning is a samplers gold mine.  It’s already a great performance, the part is long enough with many variations so countless loops can be created and the parts are clean enough so the samples can be chopped up into individual slices for creating original drum parts.  One of these songs is the song Let Me Ride by Dr Dre on his The Chronic album.  It also has elements of Parliament’s Mothership Connection (Star Child), another excellent song.

This song is NSFW, right from the first word so, be warned.