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Comcast to bring Skype video chat to TV

Radford C. Jun 13, 2011 3
Skype and Comcast combine to make Video Chat TV! What a innovation!

Skype and Comcast combine to make video chat TV

Comcast subscribers will soon be able to access video calling service Skype from their TVs, according to the company, which plans to make the full announcement Tuesday at a cable industry trade show in Chicago.

The Skype service will be delivered through HDTVs via the Comcast box and will require a high-quality video camera as well as a custom controller that will enable texting capabilities, according to Comcast.

Subscribers will be able to utilize full screen video calling and instant messaging from Skype. However, voice calls to and from outside phone numbers won’t be included in the integration, since it would compete against Comcast’s telephone services.

While Comcast didn’t mention how much the Skype integration services would cost customers, the company is likely to see a boost in revenue through additional subscription costs.

For Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, the partnership with Comcast gives it an advantage over other video calling services, including Apple’s Facetime.

Comcast said it expects to begin testing the integrated Skype services for some of its 23 million internet subscribers in the next few months.

Via »GigaOMTech


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  • Ray

    This is a smart move by Comcast. Having this kind of service
    through your TV is actually pretty neat. It would make calling family more
    enjoyable and even easier for people to access. I work in the TV industry for
    Dish Network and I like seeing the new technology that is coming out. Even
    though this is a really cool feature Comcast is lacking compared to a few
    others in the pay TV industry. If you go to you can compare
    pricing, customer service, and a few other aspects that you may not have
    considered about your pay TV provider.

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