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Comparison Chart: iOS 7 vs Android 4.1

Tony Hannides Jun 10, 2013 2
ios vs android

Image Courtesy of Warung Digital

Today, Apple announced iOS 7 to the masses. The new OS sports features like AirDrop, Control Center and the even the rumored iTunes Radio. But just like variations before, the new features might be “revolutionary” to Apple, but they’re nothing new to the mobile market. Even our own, Radford Castro pointed out that the new ‘Swipe Up’ to unlock is a feature currently found on WP8 devices. But iOS’ biggest competitor, Android, has been supporting these new features for quite a while.

Comparison Chart

ios 7 vs android 4.1

So as you can see, the chart was created by an Android fanboy but there’s the facts. But don’t misunderstand, I’m excited for iOS7. While the new features do seem old to me, I can’t wait to try them out on my iPad. iOS 7 will be available later on this year for iPhone 4 and up and iPad 2 and up.

Via »Droid-Life

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