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Comparison: Nexus 4 vs Galaxy S III vs One X vs iPhone 5 vs Blackberry 10 vs Lumia 920

Tony Hannides Oct 29, 2012 0

Sometimes seeing a phone’s specs up against other phones’ specs is helpful; it puts your focus device into perspective. The diligent folks at Mobile Nations  have created a chart comparing flagship phones’ specs and features. Of course, the new LG Nexus 4 is on the list, as well as iPhone 5 and the new Lumia 920 from Nokia.

nexus 4 compare

So if you’re looking for the biggest screen, you’d get the Galaxy S III from Samsung. If you want an iOS OS, obviously iPhone 5. But one thing this chart doesn’t breakdown are the materials of each device; how they feel in the hand. It would be nice to actually hold each device one after the other and see how each feels in comparison to each other.

Via »Android Central