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Complete Specs For The 24-Inch Sony PlayStation Branded 3D Display

Sean W. Jun 12, 2011 10

Sony, during their E3 press conference, announced a Playstation branded 24 inch display.  This display is, according to Jack Tretton, is designed to lower the entry cost of 3D for consumers. The thing they didn’t talk about were the complete specs of the display, but here they are for all of us to stare at.

They introduced one of the really cool features, which is the ability for two different viewers to see two different images simultaneously  on the same screen. This requires both people to have 3D glasses to perform.  For games compatible, this will make split screen multiplayer or playing Madden on the couch a more interesting experience.

Sony also created a package for consumers.  They are selling the display, a 6-foot HDMI cable, a copy of Resistance 3 and on set of 3D glasses for $500.

But to me, complete specs say everything, and here are the complete specs for the display.

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THX HardwareZone

  • Flare149

    I've got a 24" Acer monitor, but I was looking for a good TV for my dorm when I go back to school next semester. I had been looking around and was about to buy, and then Sony announced this bad boy, and now I have a new TV/monitor for all my gaming, computer, and TV needs. Can't wait for it to come out!

  • Noah Gray

    Not bad, seems suitable for my desk, and the price seems good. Too bad it's so ugly.

  • Pweik69

    Does this come with a tv tuner built in?

    • Radford C.

      From what we're seeing, nope.

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  • Getsuga

    can it connect to my PC? anyone can you tell me I'm not good with tech

    • Kpholsey06

      yes you can, if you have a HDMI output on your computer, but not vga which is the standard blue plug

  • Getsuga

    also I use a DVI cable only no HDMI support for my pc

  • Ninja Tony

    so it doesnt look like hooking up surround sound is meant for this. unless i don't understand the specks properly.

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Even if you don't have HDMI support on your PC, you should be able to get a DVI-HDMI cable. VGA user can also get converters to HDMI as well.

    Most any fairly recent graphics card will have SOME output that can be easily converted to HDMI…