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Drum Roll Please – Starwars.Com Reveals…(Updated: All Boxes Shown)

Radford C. May 4, 2011 0


A Bunch of Star Wars images with the theme song playing in the background? Oh, how wonderfully delectable. Thankfully Star Wars fans see 2 BluRay Box Art (updated) for each trilogy. But what’s really interesting is not so much the obvious reveal of the BluRay disks. It’s the stats on how’s video is being shared.

If you really don’t care about the stats. Check out the updated Gallery below.

As of this writing, 7454 have shared the Star Wars reveal video. Based on that number, says that the website has reached about 43% in completely revealing the details and images of the BluRay collection. At 43%, that means the site must share 20,000.  This e-marketing technique is nothing new. I’ve seen companies count Facebook likes until they meet a number and reveal something fun for their newly acquired fans.

But what’s really interesting is how these numbers break down under worldwide stats as well as services I have never heard of before, which are most likely services tailored to certain countries.

  • Facebook sharing of StarWars (SW) dominates across the board except for Japan and Mexico
  • U.S. is considered a weak sharer of SW
  • Austrailia and Russia love Facebook to death it seems
  • is Japan’s sharing thing while Spain uses
  • France uses Skyrock. Nordics uses Hyves.

Gallery of Box Art

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