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E3 2012: Interview With Dust 514 Game Designer Eino Joas

Sean W. Jun 12, 2012 1


Dust 514 E3 2012

At E3 this year, I had a moment to briefly speak with Eino Joas, game designer for the game Dust 514.  His company CCP games, are the developers of the Eve Online MMO and are developing Dust 514 for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita.

Sean: This is Sean from LazyTechGuys and I’m here with..

Eino: Eino Joas, I’m an economist and a game designer on Dust 514

So tell us a little bit about Dust 514

Dust 514 is a Massively Multiplayer online shooter that is based in the Eve Online universe.  Eve Online is a spaceship game. You have intergalactic warfare.  You have 1000 stars, 7000 planets.  And you currently have players who can fight over territories, they can do industry, they can do manufacturing, they can trade, they can mine, there’s tons of things that you can do in Eve Online.  But previously the planets have been an untouched territory.  You have been to plan stuff on planets, extract resources and stuff last that but you haven’t really been able to own the planets.  And that’s what Dust 514 is going to change.  Basically we’re going to integrate two games.  Make Playstation players play with Eve Online players and make Playstation players fight over the balance in Eve Online.  That’s the core position of Dust.

That sounds amazing but the thing that is amazing about Dust, the game has the best price tag of all games.

Yeah, it’s free.  Absolutely free.

I had a conversation with Andrew, a writer from our site about free to play games and MMOs and he explained that there are different types of free to play games.  Would you mind saying what free to play model you’re going for in this game?

We are basically operating on the freemium model.  We’ll be selling things like progressions boosters.  You’ll gain skill points by going into and fighting battles but by paying a little bit of money, you get to augment your skill progression and get a little bit faster progression.  And also you’ll have flashier armor you can buy, vanity stuff, things you’ll see in other games nowadays.




Like a armored Mohawk!

That would be great!


When can we expect to see this game hit the market?

So we’re currently in private beta and we will be releasing Dust later this year.

Anything a guy can do to get in the private beta?

So we have a website called Dust  There’s a beta sign-up live right now.

And that’s for everyone?


Thank you very much for you time, I can’t wait to get into the game and check it out.

Excellent. Cheers.

[Update: Looks like we understated how big Eve Online is.  The are currently 7,000 stars in EVE Online and 58,000 Planets]