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E3 2012: The Impressive Exhibits Of South Hall Are Rides

Radford C. Jun 5, 2012 0

Every year E3 pushes their exhibits to the limit. In prior shows, you’d see quite a number of statues, full sized figurines, landscapes and everything else that is irresistable for photographers to shoot at with attendees laying themselves on the exhibits like whales on a beach. This year is no exception. Now, they’re turning them into rides. Well, at least a couple of them.

End of Nations Ridable Mech

This exhibit was part of the End of Nations booth. People have to get on a docking stair to get on this thing.


Aliens, Ellen Ripley Sega Exhibit at E3 2012

Relive the scene where Ellen Ripley goes head to head with the Alien. This Sega exhibit attracted a variety of gamers to its Aliens Colonial Marines game.

Borderlands 2 Character Exhibit – And Andrew

Bridges can be easily fixed when Jessica Chobot is around

Check the jump on the gallery to see the rest of the angles and technical wizardry artists have painstakingly delivered on these beautiful exhibits.