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Episode 106: Microsoft’s Surface Tablet

Sean W. Jun 19, 2012 0


Microsoft announced new Surface tablets and LTG discusses it.  Will this new tablet be a major change for Microsoft and their relationship with their partners or will it be a dud?  We also discuss the U.S. Department of Justice’s inquiry into the practices of cable companies.  We go as far as developing several other options that these company could use to solve their data cap problems.  Other topics include the new Macbook Pro Retina’s lack of serviceable parts and the potential effect of this on Apple.  Radford got a chance to visit the Social-Loco Conference and gives his impressions of the event.

Discussion Topics:

Apple caught staging the Dictation Demo at WWDC / There are no user serviceable parts in the new MacBook Pro. 

-Is this a good movie for Apple?

Department of Justice Taking A hard Look at Cable Companies Business Practices

-What could be the potential outcome of such a inquiry?

Social-Loco Conference 2012

-What’s SoLoMo

Inside The Social-Loco 2012 Conference

Persistent Sensing Tech and a bunch of other apps that are viral

Microsoft Surface and Touch Covers

What is LTG’s opinion on these devices?

Hosts: Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Andrew Lee, Sean Wilburn

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