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Episode 71: The Defenders of The Universe

Sean W. Dec 13, 2011 0



Open source came up a few times on today’s episode.  Windows 8 is looking to be open source friendly and WebOS goes open source.  Tony gives his hand on impressions of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich.  We talk about recent rumbling of Verizon possibly looking to acquire Netflix and Universal music possible overstepping their bounds.   Our Mobile Moment is full of Manny Pacquiao, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots and companies accidently selling the Galaxy Nexus early.   We round out today’s shows talking about the Spike Video Game Awards and Sean vents a bit about the new Metal Gear Rising.  Thanks for listening!

Hosts: Victor Bognot, Radford Castro, Tony Hannides, Sean Wilburn

  • 02:25 – Verizon considering an acquisition of Netflix?
  • 17:20 – Universal music makes a possible bogus copyright claim over a file sharing song
  • 22:21 – Miyamoto may not be leaving Nintendo
  • 29:38 –  .Kid top level domain out to balance the .XXX domains
  • 35:08  – LTG talks VGA awards and the changes to Metal Gear Rising
  • 43:06 – Leaked report confirms Lightsquared interferes with GPS
  • 48:56 – Windows 8 to be open source friendly
  • 57:03 – Mobile Moment: Galaxy Nexus on sale by accident? Galaxy Tab 7.7 on Verizon, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Manny Pacquiao game
  • 1:10:35 – Galaxy Nexus Hands On
  • 1:19:35 -WebOS goes Open Source.  Did HP just leave it out to pasture.
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