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Episode 77: LTG Reflects On CES 2012

Sean W. Jan 18, 2012 3



On today’s show, Radford and Tony reflect on CES 2012.  They talk about the experience of going as press versus blogger and the perks of that.  They also talk some of the fun things they saw and the need for every company to have an open bar.  Want to know how CES really is? check out this show.

Hosts:  Radford Castro, Tony Hannides

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  • Radford C.

    Heeeelloooooo hallway voices! =D

  • Anonymous

    Great blog, and I love the podcast!  Sounds like CES was a blast, as always…the last
    go around for Microsoft, the wifi-enabled cameras, the smart-fridge, all the
    ultrabooks…some superbly cool tech.  One
    thing I really can’t wait for is the Hopper by DISH. Since I work at DISH I got
    the chance to take a look at the Hopper before it was dropped at CES and it was
    amazing.  The Hopper has over 250 hours
    of HD recording space, and PrimeTime Anytime; the ability to record three hours
    of shows, all in a row, on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS, the Hopper is going to help
    DISH, once more, change the way we watch TV. 
    Can’t wait!

    • Radford C.

      We missed the Dish Press conference at. When we have more resources, we'll try to cover more next year!